Thursday, January 17, 2008

Shhhh! Sleeping Ovaries!

I went in for my baseline scan today as Big Red showed up right on time on Tuesday. Normally the baseline scan I have done is for an IUI to see if the roiding from the last cycle had sufficiently quieted down. This time it was to see if my ovaries were in nice Lupron-induced hibernation.

And you know what? They were.

They are happy sleeping ovaries that are about to woken up to the banging on the door with the fiercest round of Menopur they have ever seen. I can only imagine what kind of noise they are going to make. They make enough racket on two vials, Lord only knows what four starting out of the gate is going to do. I have a feeling that there will be enough twinging that I will feel like there is a pinball pinging around my mid-section. Oh, the joys of screwing with the reproductive cycle.

On a sad note, I also had my last glass of wine and bath this evening since I start on the Menopur tomorrow. I can live without the booze, but in the winter, there is nothing better than sinking into a tub of hot water with bubbles and good book. Like all things we give up for IF treatments, however, I will certainly live.


Pamela Jeanne said...

I tiptoed in when I saw your headline, and I'm whispering now. My current asthma meds (some two weeks on) prohibit wine, etc., too, so we're sadly on the wagon together. As for tubbing, my goal in 2008 is to get a proper soaking tub. What we have in the house now is not worth climbing in.

Hoping the ovaries get a good rest and come back raring to go!

Schatzi said...

Glad to hear your ovaries are sufficiently snoozy. Boy do they have a wake up call coming :-)

shinejil said...

I was going to try to come up with an ovarian lullaby that was also a lament for the loss of baths and wine, but I'm not that clever. I hope that you still find lots of comfort, relaxation, and coziness as all this begins.

I, too, am dry, because booze makes me insane lately. I mean, insaner.

Much luck going forward, Mrs. X!

Mrs.X said...

Thanks ladies!

PJ - sorry to hear that you too are on the wagon. On the proper soaking tub, I recommend a Kohler with a good inline heater and jets. That's what we have and it is h-e-a-v-e-n.

Schatzi and Shinejil- you understand my ovaries' lament!