Tuesday, January 8, 2008


There was a beautiful article in the New York Times (perhaps to soften Judith Warner?) a few days ago, written by a woman who was moving onto adoption after five years of infertility. It really resonanted with me and I sent it to my parents as I felt that it very eloquently and succinctly put the myriad of emotions that one goes through with infertility. They both responded very favorably and I think it helped them understand our perspective on this journey.

I found this particular quote wonderful:

"I imagine a lot of people would call our years of fertility treatment and our $20,000 in vitro fertilization bill, which we paid with a loan, nothing more than vanity anyway, or selfishness. But it’s not so simple. It’s not vanity to want a child with my husband’s laugh and spiky blond hair, or for him to want a long-legged girl with brown hair, freckles and gaps in her teeth. It’s love."

Bless her for reminding me that it not selfish and not vain to want this and to want it badly enough to pursue high-tech procedures. She has given us a wonderful gift. I hope I use it well.


Schatzi said...

I agree. I loved that article!

shinejil said...

I thought the article was really, really well written and clear. I loved the tone and hope it helps at least a few folks out there understand.