Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Would You Like to Talk to My Uterus?

This is the conversation I had with Sweetie this morning:

Mrs. X: I had more of that brownish-red spotting again this morning. I was expecting it, though, because I had those cramps again last night.

Sweetie: I wish I knew what was going on.

Mrs. X: Do you want to talk to my uterus when you get home?

Sweetie: Yea. I'd like that.

He's going to have to do it through my stomach since the other entrance is strictly off-limits (per Dr. Uterus' orders). I hope this "talk" gives us some answers, although, so far my uterus has been awfully deceptive. Bad uterus!


Denise said...

Shape up uterus! Start talkin!

Melanie said...

I'm going to a suggest a virtual seance of sorts for our ladyparts. Maybe there are past misdeeds or deceased distant relatives who need to be appeased? I hope the talk works. And thank you for your kind, kind words. It makes it all bearable.

TABI said...

I'd like to say to your uterus, "Stop all this messing around and get your act together. No teasing, no mixed signals, no games! Have you heard of the word 'hysterectomy'?? You want to stay part of this body then cooperate!" And if tough cop doesn't work than I would turn to begging, "Pretty please?"

Lori said...

Cheeky monkey.